The objective is to replace the use of cannabis for narcotic purposes with others of a therapeutic and medicinal nature in the treatment of dermatological, epilepsy and neurodegenerative diseases.

The use of Cannabis as medicine has taken up great interest in several health sectors. The testimonies of patients, families and doctors continue to nurture public support to reintroduce Cannabis to mass use in the medical cabinet of the United States and several countries. Despite the slow pace of change in Cannabis policies, it is crucial that natural persons pay attention to the reasons for using Cannabis as a medicine, its risks with respect to other widely used medicines and the ethical issues of Cannabis. An honest medical access to Cannabis should NOT be prohibited by law.

In PROCANNMED S.A.S we manufacture a range of high quality products based on cannabis, such as pharmaceuticals, master formulas in its different forms (solid, semi-solid and liquid) and Cannabis crystals.



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